Trigonon sphere game: the ultimate mind puzzle

Forget a simple sphere game: play your intuition with the prince of hard puzzle games

More than a sphere game. More than a mind puzzle. At stake is the ability of your brain. Free thoughts from the cages of the mind and bad memories. Do it now. Test your intuition, and compare it with your friends on social media. Discover the fastest creator of brilliant ideas. Exercise your memory. Forget maze puzzles and hard puzzle games. Enter the Trigonon era. Don't think of acting. Act now. The only boundary is your mind.

Play your memory and your intuition. Free thoughts from the cages of the mind and bad memories. Directs the spheres of thought towards the fields of positive energy and acquire a new consciousness, like never before. Enter the Trigonon era.

Free thoughts of genius from the cages of your mind. Do it now.

You're wasting your time. Every second, your brain will process thousands of thoughts and insights: some of them could mark your life forever, but they can't. Why? Remain covered up, trapped in the maze of your doubts and your bad memories.

Fight your deadly legacy, delete them and uses the happy memories and your intuition to build bridges of connection with the thoughts trapped. Let them come to light: a new understanding will open your eyes.

Don't think of acting. Act now.

How? The answer is Trigonon, a sphere game developed by Just Funny Games for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Trigonon: Episode One has out of the cocoon to become a butterfly. The Trigonon era is rising.

A simple mind puzzle? Careful, it's much more. At stake is the ability of your brain.

Can you increase awareness of the points in a hurry to release the ball-thought?

Test your intuition, and compare it with your friends on social media.

Discover the fastest creator of brilliant ideas. Exercise your memory.

The challenge is made. Do not enclose your creativity. Log in unexplored lands of your mind.

• 50 areas grouped into 5 sectors.

• 1 new achievement.

• mnemonic devices to reactivate forgotten memories.

• System of rankings and scores with 6 Leaderboards available.

• Optimize graphics and  Retina Display support.

• System of suggestions to facilitate the speed of play.

• New original theme music.

Trigonon also features a new physics engine to the game mechanics.

What does this mean? Greater precision, control and ease of management controls.

Are you ready for the prince of hard puzzle games?

From December 1, 2011 Just Funny Games offers you the Trigonon update.

Now it's up to you to rid the thoughts leading them to the Fields of Positive Energy. But remember: you can not interact directly with them. Make the most of your skills-intuitive mnemonic for changing the loop of thoughts through barriers, Positive and Negative Memories, insights, and Switch Connections.

The only boundary is your mind.

"What we present today is an update of the game very full-bodied, in every sense. We wanted to make the gaming experience even more exciting by introducing new content and new features, improving the gaming experience. We have, for example, introduced the concept of field, such as clustering of areas with the opportunity to move to the next sector without necessarily having completed all of the above areas, avoiding an obstacle affects the possibility of practicing especially hard to deal with new challenges. Also with an innovative way we have awareness points to adjust the progress of the game and access to content. " Fabio Poli, Executive Producer di Trigonon e CEO di Just Funny Games
"We present 10 completely new areas, accompanied by new gameplay elements and an original musical theme. We have enriched the game with the Retinal Display version and used a new physics engine to the game mechanics. This has also allowed us to obtain greater precision and control, together with a refinement of the levels and gameplay elements, that makes Trigonon a much more complete and funny game. " Ludovico Cellentani, Trigonon Project Lead Manager and President of Just Funny Games
"Trigonon is an ingenious and innovative puzzle game that leads the player into an amazing journey inside the factory of the human mind which is able to produce thousands of Thoughts every day. Some of these Thoughts, represented by spheres of steel are lost in forgotten and abandoned areas of the mind. Without direct control over the Thoughts, the player will have to create and rotate Barriers to alter their paths and free these Thoughts by using Positive Energy Fields, while interacting with Positive and Negative Memories, Intuitions, Connections, Switches and the newely introduced Forgotten Memories and Mnemonic Devices." Gian Paolo Vernocchi, Lead Designer Trigonon
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