Jake Escapes

04 Maggio — Jake Escapes is an arcade-platform game that brings together action filled gameplay using simple touch screen mechanics, a memorable original score, comic book quality cut scenes and story telling all lovingly wrapped in outstanding 3D and HD visuals. Think you can handle the chase? The revolution in arcade gaming has begun! It's time to get in shape. The escape starts now!

Febbraio 2012

  1. Feb 08

    Trigonon puzzle game free for iOS

    Trigonon Free features 10 never before seen Areas across 4 different environments beautifully designed to represent abandoned areas of the human mind. The game comes also with Game Center support with 5 new achievements to unlock and a skill leaderboard, Facebook integration to share the player’s best results and an amazing new song in the already beautiful Trigonon soundtrack. Test your intuition and challenge your friends. It's free.

Dicembre 2011

  1. Dic 01

    Trigonon sphere game: the ultimate mind puzzle

    More than a sphere game. More than a mind puzzle. At stake is the ability of your brain. Free thoughts from the cages of the mind and bad memories. Do it now. Test your intuition, and compare it with your friends on social media. Discover the fastest creator of brilliant ideas. Exercise your memory. Forget maze puzzles and hard puzzle games. Enter the Trigonon era. Don't think of acting. Act now. The only boundary is your mind.

Novembre 2011

  1. Nov 21


    Metti in gioco la tua memoria e la tua intuizione. Libera i pensieri dalle gabbie della mente e dei ricordi negativi. Indirizza le sfere di pensiero verso i campi di energia positiva e acquisisci una consapevolezza nuova, mai provata prima. Entra nell'era di Trigonon.